Vox Cleaner

What can you do with a SINGLE CLICK? Turns out, a lot.

From cleaning the mesh, to UV mapping, generating a texture and baking - all you need is a single click.

Vox Cleaner V2 is out. And it's Better than ever.

Pixel-Perfect Textures, Single-Click Exports, 8 Times Faster Cleaning & much more!

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What's the Problem?

Exported Voxel models have ugly geometry.

Exported models from any Voxel Editing Software usually have really dense geometry. This is because the color data is stored as geometry in voxel models, meaning a flat surface with color patterns won't be a single face but a lot of faces (Illustrated). This is the reason such models can't be just decimated for cleaning, as it destroys the colors.

Cleaning is needed for the models to perform well.

Whether the model is for a game or a mere website upload, the model size matters. The denser the model geometry the more processing power it demands and hence the more lag. Voxel model cleaning comes into play.

Cleaning is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Often a boring procedure, it can sometimes take more time to Clean the model than to make it in the first place! Usually takes DAYS depending on the complexity of the model.

What's Vox Cleaner?

Vox Cleaner is my Blender add-on that optimizes Voxel model geometry in a single-click. Viola! A Cleaned model is ready within seconds!

(Video demo below!)

I recently made version 2 of the add-on, Vox Cleaner V2, which is way more powerful compared to version 1!

Vox Cleaner V2 comes in 2 variants -

Vox Cleaner V2 (FREE!)

Comes packed with new features like Pixel-Perfect textures and more! (mentioned below!)

Vox Cleaner V2 Pro ($18)

Everything in the free version plus

  • Emission Support with Emission Mask Exports

  • Batch Clean

  • Batch Exports

Get Vox Cleaner V2 here for FREE.

Vox Cleaner V2 got a ton of new features!

Single Click Exports!

Single-Click exports for OBJ and FBX with base-colour map!

Pixel Perfect Textures!

Pixel-Perfect textures! No more Blurred textures, Jittering or Edge bleeds!

600+ TIMES smaller Textures!

Due to Pixel Perfect UVs, the texture sizes can be reduced by up to 600 times!

Improved 2-Step Clean!

Better, Dynamic and more informative UI for Vox Cleaner V2's 2-Step Clean!

Upto 8 Times Faster Cleaning!

Due to smaller textures, the bake times are drastically reduced, & hence way faster cleaning!

Improved Geometry!

Better & Cleaner geometry with even more vertex reduction!

Emission Support! (Pro Only)

Glowing models with Emission Support & Emission Map exports!

Batch Clean! (Pro Only)

Clean Multiple models at once, all with a single click!

Batch Exports! (Pro Only)

Export multiple objects in a single click with base-colour & Emission maps!

Here for Vox Cleaner V1?



Both Vox Cleaners recieved a TON of love! Thankyou! <3

Special Thanks - Suggestions, Testing & Helpers

SynthHunters, Bzikarius, Gautam, PointlessBlender, Suresh, Karthik, VoxoNeo, Gus Martin, Poxelarts, DrPix3lz

But How Does It Work?

Once you press the clean model button, a series of procedures are executed in order, resulting in a cleaned model. These are -

  • Model Fixing, ie, removing duplicate vertices etc.
  • Material Generation and Editing
  • UV mapping, using Blender's Cube Projection method
  • Geometry Decimation, using Blender’s Decimate modifier
  • UV Scaling, for Pixel-Perfect textures
  • And finally, Texture Baking using Blender's Cycles render engine.

Besides these, there is a 2-Step Process that provides more control over the UV process as well!

Get the source code here.