Computer Graphics - Design, modelling, VFX and rendering.

Meet Blubble.

Introducing the CG Penguin Blubble! making this, I experimented with sculpting, organic texturing, grooming, and well, Alot of fur!

Thanks SynthHunters for your guidance and thanks Akshata and Sarah for naming this fluffboi Blubble!

Made entirely from scratch in Blender.

Vox Cleaner V2's Mascots - Dash, Tele & Juno!

Project BlueBreeze.

Andana Luna - You Again (Music Video VFX).

Recreating Pokéball .

Project DEUCE.

From the initial sketch to final render, it's been an awesome journey.


Dad's Bday!

CG Grass!

Voxel Art - Art with tiny blocks.

Project Potted Dinos

This piece was in collaboration with : Pedro Casavecchia

Voxtober 2021 wrapped - One voxel piece/day, for the month of October.

Brand Design - Logos, Banners and more


Logo Design for Cancer EX, a company using a Lateral Flow Assay based test, similar to a pregnancy test-strip, to detect the presence of Pancreatic Cancer. The test is inexpensive while being completely non-invasive and uses saliva for detection.

In the Logo :

  • The logo is based on the globally known cancer ribbon symbol.

  • The Purple color represents Pancreatic Cancer.

  • The White stripe represents the use of paper strips for the test.

  • The 'Wave N' in the text represents there's still hope to cure Cancer.


Designed the intro & logo for my younger brother's channel, where he uploads gaming videos.


Logo design for a local Hoodie store.

Trendy Handiworks

Logo and banner design for a local handicrafts client.

Enspur Store

Logo design for a local printed tees store.