Computer Graphics - Design, modelling, VFX and rendering

Nani from Brawl Stars!

Swipe to see the actual in-game character and some more renders!

Finally did some fanart! Used the free Blender plugin Tiny eye to generate eyes. All in all, really fun excercise to brush up my learning progress in substance painter. So happy with the result! 

Meet Blubble.

Introducing the CG Penguin Blubble! making this, I experimented with sculpting, organic texturing, grooming, and well, Alot of fur!

Thanks SynthHunters for your guidance and thanks Akshata and Sarah for naming this fluffboi Blubble!

Made entirely from scratch in Blender.

My entry for Pwnisher's Endless Engines 2023!

Speedran the 5 week challenge in like 10 days, was an absolute roller coaster but had a ton of fun. Learnt a lot of never touched stuff in the process, like sculpting, rigging and animation (that was my first ever walk cycle, yes).

Made from scratch in Blender & composited in Da Vinci Resolve.

Project GG

Made a Visualisation showing the techniques Genetic Disease Sequencing & Chromosomal Micro-Array.

Commission Project, the details shown aren’t factual.

What does Project GG mean?

In Genetics, The normal DNA pairing happens in a particular manner, ie, A with T & G with C. When there is a mutation, there is a change in pairing, which leads to a genetic disease, and this could be a ‘GG’ for the individual.

This project was a ton of fun to make and experimented extensively with Volumetric lighting!

Made from scratch in Blender

Poster editing in Figma 

Project Rosalita

The goal was to aesthetically fuse a Railgun and a Shotgun and make it look like a futuristic WMD.

This was a challenging task because the two weapons are completely opposite in the way they function. 

All in all, this was a fun art direction exercise, and this is what I came up with!

Alcheringa'24 Main Website (3D on website)

Alcheringa is North-East India's Biggest Cultural fest & is hosted in my college. It's Website got viewed more than 4 Million times! 

I did the modelling, texturing, lighting, optimization & Light baking for the Alcheringa Website's Home & Events pages. Check the website here or in the Embed below!

Ananda Luna - You Again (Music Video VFX)

I did a couple of VFX shots from the music video, using Blender and After Effects, in a small team headed by Pedro Casavecchia

When Grumpy Met Sunshine - Animated Short Film

Participation - Character Design, Materials, Scene Layouts, Sound & Compilation

Project BlueBreeze - Concepting, Design, modelling and Rendering

Vox Cleaner V2's Mascots - Dash, Tele & Juno!

Voxel Art - Art with tiny blocks

Project Potted Dinos

This piece was in collaboration with : Pedro Casavecchia 

Voxtober 2021 wrapped - One voxel piece/day, for the month of October

Brand Design - Logos, Banners and more

Frenzy's Garage

 Frenzy's Garage is a Luxury car customization company which deals in custom car exteriors, upgrade worthy internals, wraps and much more!

In the Logo :


Logo Design for a Canadian restaurant. The restaurant is for a new energy audience & their USP is burgers with Bone Marrow fillings. Hence the name, Bun-Marrow!

In the Logo :

Butter Beer

Logo Design for a Canada based Bar & Restaurant with a sparkle of Magic! The restaurant was going through renovation & I designed the new logo for them. 

In the Logo :

Moye Gift Studio & Moye Events

Logo Design for a Gifting Solution. Moye Gift Studio is a brand that delivers customised gifts for corporate & neighbourhood parties alike & feels like a friend in doing so! They also organize events from start to finish! Check them out here!

In the Logo :


Logo Design for Cancer EX, a company using a Lateral Flow Assay based test, similar to a pregnancy test-strip, to detect the presence of Pancreatic Cancer. The test is inexpensive while being completely non-invasive and uses saliva for detection.

In the Logo :


Designed the intro & logo for my younger brother's channel, where he uploads gaming videos.


Logo design for a local Hoodie store.

Trendy Handiworks

Logo and banner design for a local handicrafts client.

Enspur Store

Logo design for a local printed tees store.